goodbye to an old way of making the app work on computers. But don't worry, they have a new and better way to make sure we can still use WhatsApp on our computers!

If you don't switch to the new native app, you won't be able to use WhatsApp on your Windows computer anymore. So it's a good idea to make the switch!

the new native app is designed specifically for Windows computers, so it works better and faster. You'll have a smoother messaging experience with the new app.

your chats and contacts will stay the same. When you switch to the new app, you'll find everything just as you left it.

currently the deprecation of the Electron app is focused on WhatsApp Desktop for Windows. The native client for other operating systems has been stable for some time.

 Apps can work on different computers, like Windows and Mac. Developers only need to write the code once, which makes it easier and faster to create apps.

You know how we can use WhatsApp on our computer by opening a special app? Well, the people who made WhatsApp, called Meta

The old app for using WhatsApp on computers is called the Electron app

They put a big countdown on the main screen of the app to show us that the Electron app will stop working soon

The Electron Framework is like a special tool that helps people make apps for computers