7.4 magnitude earthquake in the US state of Alaska, tsunami warning

7.4 magnitude earthquake in the US state of Alaska
7.4 magnitude earthquake in the US state of Alaska

A short-term tsunami warning has been issued after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck near the US state of Alaska.
According to the news agency AFP, the Geological Survey (USGS) said that a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Alaska Peninsula late Saturday night local time.
The USGS had earlier put the magnitude of the earthquake at 7.4, which was later downgraded.
According to the news agency, the earthquake occurred at 11:05 PM according to the International Standard Time.
The epicenter was 89 kilometers south of Sandpoint, a small town in Alaska.
The National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska has downgraded previous tsunami warnings for southern Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula.
The center has said there is no tsunami threat to beaches in other North American cities and the Pacific coast of Canada.
Alaska The seismically active Pacific Ocean is part of the ‘Ring of Fire’.
The US state was hit by a magnitude 9.2 earthquake in March 1964, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North America.
The earthquake wreaked havoc in the region and tsunami waves swept across the Gulf of Alaska, the US West Coast and Hawaii.
At that time, more than 250 people were killed by the earthquake and tsunami.


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