🚀 Tango GameWorks Embraces Unreal Engine 5 for Upcoming Game! 🎮


In the past, Unreal Engine has been a popular choice for AAA creators. It is projected to gain popularity with the release of the latest version of the engine. Tango Gameworks, like other companies, has used Unreal Engine in recent years.

Tango Gameworks’ previous titles, such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush, utilised Unreal Engine 4, but a LinkedIn profile suggests that the studio is getting ready to convert to Unreal Engine 5.

Why it matters: Unreal Engine 5 has achieved extensive industry adoption. CD Projekt Red, for example, has dedicated all work to the engine.

Tango Gameworks’ Masahiro Matsumura is presently working with Houdini, according to Twitter user Timur222.

According to the developer’s LinkedIn profile, he also uses Unreal Engine 5. This signifies that the engine will most likely be used in the studio’s next game. Previously, games like Fortnite demonstrated Unreal Engine 5’s promise.

New graphic enhancements such as Lumen and Nanite can completely revolutionise games. The team is already familiar with Unreal Engine 4, so the transfer to the latest version should be simple.

While Tango Gameworks has previously used the engine, EA Motive is switching to Unreal Engine 5 for Iron Man. Frostbite was previously employed by the developers for the recently released Dead Space Remake.
Hi-Fi Rush has been a huge success for Tango Gameworks. The developer’s most recent product was teased during the Xbox Developer Direct, and it was an instant hit upon release, quickly ascending the Steam best-sellers charts.

The studio’s next project is unknown, although according to a report, Tango GameWorks is working on a JRPG. According to a job listing, multiplayer elements may be included in the developer’s future game.


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